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The Omers flower shop in the centre of Domžale has a tradition of more than 50 years and was the first flower shop in the surrounding municipalities when it started. It was founded by Mrs. In all these years, the Omers Flower Shop has developed a professional florist team, characterised by warm-heartedness, humane business culture, high professionalism, excellence, artistic flair and top florist experience.

Fresh Quality Plants and Flowers

Our products feature the freshest and highest quality plants and cut flowers every day.

Daily Selected with Love

We choose them for you every day, both from local suppliers in Slovenia and directly through the largest international exchange of cut flowers from all over the world. The result of our work over the years is your satisfaction; because your plants and floral creations are fresher, have more value, and give you a pleasant feeling.

Our philosophy

With a love of nature, a concern for healthy human relationships and an excellent culture of cooperation with partners and the local community, and a respect for all that is beautiful in our lives, we fulfil our purpose, which is to use our professional expertise and more than 45 years of experience to create complete and unforgettable moments, spaces, events and stories together with unique floral arrangements and decorations - stories of contentment, success, peace and joy. At Omers Florist, we care for our customers' needs with dedication and attention. We believe that only carefully selected and fresh flowers guarantee the best results.

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