Orders abroad


At Omers Florist we take great pride in all occasions when we can cater to your wishes and delight your family members, friends and business partners with fresh flowers. With Teleflore International, we can help you make your loved ones happy anywhere in the world.Teleflore's main purpose is to provide excellent and high quality customer service to our customers worldwide. The system works quite simply. A customer wishing to send flowers with a personal message and a gift to another city or country, either in Slovenia or abroad, personally visits or calls the contact point - in Slovenia this is our Omers Florist - and asks for assistance in ordering the service. To place an order, you need your details, the recipient's details (name, address, city, country, phone and personal message), and then together we determine the value of the order, the desired flowers and gift.

What is Teleflora?

Teleflora is the oldest system for ordering flowers from country to country, simply around the world. Its origins date back to 1934, when it was designed according to the capabilities of the time, and the company is still a leader in the field today.

How do I pay for an order abroad?

Payment can be made after receipt of the invoice by bank transfer to TRR, by PayPal or at the cash desk in the florist's shop.

How does the order work?

Please fill in as many fields as possible on the form provided, as this will help your enquiry to be dealt with more quickly: name and surname of the addressee, country, address and, obligatory, telephone number of the addressee, the text on the business card, your wishes. We will call you and tell you what is available in that country, at what price, and inform you of the order later.

Is it possible to order flowers for a funeral abroad?

International orders are very common, with an arrangement or bouquet delivered to the home of the bereaved and a condolence card. We see this in the orders that come to us from abroad.For these orders, we need the following information: the name of the deceased, the country, the place and time of burial, and the telephone number of one of the relatives.

Can flowers also be delivered to various institutions such as hospitals, government offices.....?

Of course, bouquets, pot plants, baskets of flowers... are often delivered to offices. It's important to know the exact address, but it's also good to know the opening hours and have the details or telephone number of the collector.

Is it possible to choose the shape of the bouquet or is there anything else available?

Each country must have at least 50 different items available through Teleflora. Flowers are the base, but fruit, wine, chocolates and balloons can be added. All these are entered under special requests and the local florist will do his best to fulfil them as far as possible.

Is this type of ordering reliable and how far in advance does the order need to be placed?

The system is reliable and there is simply no downtime! It is very important that the delivery details are accurate and a correct and complete telephone number is a must.

Kakšna je cena dostave?

Cena dostave po svetu je različna od države do države in je vnaprej pavšalno določena. Ob izpolnitvi obrazca za naročilo izveste točno ceno.