Brdo pri Kranju

The inspiring natural beauty, unique ambience and impeccable service are the reasons why Brdo Estate is one of the most popular wedding venues in Slovenia.Brdo hosts weddings throughout the year and offers a different, magical backdrop every season.By choosing Brdo, the bride and groom can simply go with the flow and enjoy this beautiful season without a care in the world. Brdo is a place where the wedding is prepared by a professional team that takes care of all the details. Our offer is completely tailored to your wishes, so every wedding is unique and signed with the personal touch of the wedding couple.

The entire wedding day can take place at Brdo Estate, from the reception, civil ceremony and wedding reception. You can choose from any combination of the outdoor setting in the park, or the modern Brdo Congress Centre. The advantage of one location is that you avoid unpredictable road conditions, directing the wedding party and unnecessary time wastage. In addition to these, Brdo offers many other advantages. Trust your wishes to the wedding organiser who will be with you from the initial consultation right through to the end of your wedding day.

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"Where Kings and Presidents Have Lived"

They marry in a place steeped in centuries of history, a place chosen by kings and presidents. Choose a location with tradition.